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Pioneer Enters The Battle Mixer Arena Once MORE - DJM-S9 Review

25 September 2015  |  Admin

Pioneer Enters The Battle Mixer Arena Once MORE - DJM-S9 Review


Battle mixers have been around since the dawn of the DJ, however in the digital age we rarely see a contender who can really call itself a true battle mixer, until now…….


Pioneer DJ are notorious for dropping cryptic clues just before a launch and with their usual teasers earlier it was inevitable they were about to unleash a new piece of kit. Drum roll, red carpet entrance if you may…


Welcome the latest contender for the number one choice mixer for turntablists throughout the world. This two channel battle ready mixer is focussed primarily at scratch DJ's with deep pockets as the initial price tag is estimating to be in the region of £1200 which can make almost anyone's eyes water. Due to land in our Disc DJ Store in October you do not have to wait that long to set your eyes on what may well be the greatest battle mixer of all time.


“The DJM-S9 is probably the best mixer i have ever seen” - When you hear this statement you start to think typical Pioneer marketing but when it was actually said by the true legend that is Jazzy Jeff then quite frankly it's a bold statement with some substance. So what’s it all about?


The DJM-S9 is a plug-and-play companion to Serato DJ’s four decks while also natively supporting DVS. Its features include color-coded Performance Pads giving “instant access to loops, cues, samples and rolls,” two on board sound cards and a “proprietary magnetic cross fader” with customisable Fader Bumpers. Sounds straight forward enough? Why not check out its true capabilities on the teaser video here



As with everything Pioneer they make sure you can stand out from the crowd with a simple yet stylish plain black finish or take you to the total other end of the spectrum with the amazing limited edition gold model.

We can't wait to get our hands on this piece of kit from the world's greatest! We think Pioneer are onto a winner with this one!


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