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u-he Uhbik Multiple Effects, Software Download
  • 9 Quality Effects Plugins
  • Features 4 modulation effects
  • Easy to use interface

A collection of nine sophisticated studio effects.

In Stock, Digital Delivery  In Stock, Digital Delivery
Soundtoys FilterFreak, Resonant Analog Filter Effects Plugin Software Download
  • Capture the sound of classic resonant filters, with extended control and flexibility
  • Funk up guitar, fatten bass, reshape drums, sweep synths and freak out vocals
  • Choose from one filter, or two that can be used in series or parallel
  • Select highpass, lowpass, bandpass and band reject modes with 2 to 8 poles
  • Add synth-like resonant sweeps or classic wah-wah tones to your tracks
  • Create funky auto-wah, envelope follower and sample-and-hold effects
  • Grunge things up with 7 different analog saturation styles
  • Construct intricate rhythmic filter sequences with the Rhythm Editor
  • Design your own LFO shapes with the Shape Editor

Fat analog sweeps, pounding filter rhythms, big hardware sound – with a dual version for double the analog attitude.

In Stock, Digital Delivery  In Stock, Digital Delivery
FabFilter Volcano 3, The Ultimate Filter Plugin, Software Download
  • Various interface sizes and full screen mode
  • Endless modulation options, with all the 16-step XLFOs, XY controllers, envelope generators, envelope followers and MIDI sources you will ever need
  • Introduced Drive setting per filter, adjusting the internal filter saturation, which allows for much more variety in sound and smoothness
  • Improved the sound quality of overall feedback, the filters, and internal saturation
  • Live modulation visualization for targets and sources

Erupting with characher and vintage quality

In Stock, Digital Delivery  In Stock, Digital Delivery

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