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Soundtoys audio effects bring color, character, and creativity to your digital music studio with plug-ins that merge the sound and vibe of classic analog gear with modern and musical twists.

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Soundtoys FilterFreak, Resonant Analog Filter Effects Plugin (Download)
  • Capture the sound of classic resonant filters, with extended control and flexibility
  • Funk up guitar, fatten bass, reshape drums, sweep synths and freak out vocals
  • Choose from one filter, or two that can be used in series or parallel
  • Select highpass, lowpass, bandpass and band reject modes with 2 to 8 poles
  • Add synth-like resonant sweeps or classic wah-wah tones to your tracks
  • Create funky auto-wah, envelope follower and sample-and-hold effects
  • Grunge things up with 7 different analog saturation styles
  • Construct intricate rhythmic filter sequences with the Rhythm Editor
  • Design your own LFO shapes with the Shape Editor

Fat analog sweeps, pounding filter rhythms, big hardware sound – with a dual version for double the analog attitude.

In stock, immediate despatch  In stock, immediate despatch
Soundtoys Little Alterboy Monophonic Voice Manipulator Effects Plugin (Download)
  • Transform vocals with a set of easy-to-use tools in one simple plug-in
  • Shift the pitch and formant (gender) of vocals in real time
  • Use the mix control to create instant vocal harmony
  • Lock vocals to a pitch for robot effects
  • Create vocoder-like effects using MIDI control
  • Get that “hard tune” effect heard in countless hip hop and pop hits

Vocal formant and pitch shifting. Hard Tune FX. Robot/Vocoder Mode. Tube Drive.

In stock, immediate despatch  In stock, immediate despatch
Soundtoys EchoBoy Effect Plug-In, Software Download
  • Choose from 30 different echo styles: Echoplex, Space Echo, Memory Man, DM-2, and many more
  • Warm up vocals with high-end tape sound modeled on the Ampex ATR-102
  • Control saturation, tape flutter and diffusion for strikingly analog-sounding effects
  • Create rich stereo delays with Dual and Ping-Pong modes
  • Adjust shuffle, swing and accent. The only echo with true “groove”

The ultimate echo effect. Decades of echo devices in a single plug-in.

In stock, immediate despatch  In stock, immediate despatch
Soundtoys Effect Rack & 14 Plug-Ins, Software Download
  • Includes 14 premium effects in one plug-in
  • Stack effects to create custom effect chains
  • Use global controls to treat your chain as a single effect
  • Blend in subtle parallel effects with the Mix control
  • Create unique ambience effects with the Recycle control

Rack up 14 essential Soundtoys effects in one powerful plug-in.

In stock, immediate despatch  In stock, immediate despatch
Soundtoys 5, The Ultimate Effect Rack, All Soundtoys Plugins Bundle, Software Download
  • All of Soundtoys effect plugins
  • Always the latest available version
  • No dongle required
  • Includes the Effect Rack

Soundtoys 5 brings together the entire range of audio effects into one powerful collection. Includes all of Soundtoys plug-ins.

In stock, immediate despatch  In stock, immediate despatch
Soundtoys Decapitator Analog Saturation Modeler Effects Plugin, Software Download
  • Infuse your tracks with the natural vibe of analog gear
  • Get real, dynamic analog saturation with 5 detailed models of studio hardware
  • Push your tracks over the top with the Punish button
  • Shape the contour of the saturation with analog-modeled tone control
  • Create parallel effects simply with the mix knob

Subtle to extreme hardware-modeled saturation. The secret weapon of top mix engineers.

In stock, immediate despatch  In stock, immediate despatch

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