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Best Production Gear of 2017

Tuesday, 2 January 2018  |  Admin

Best Production Gear of 2017

Happy New Year everyone! We have rounded up some of the best production gear of 2017 - the gear that any discerning producer would love to own.


First up we have Novation Peak. Peak is versatile and intuitive, with a unique sound that excels at dark, trippy, grainy electronica and FX. A worthy flagship for Novation’s synth line. Very well built with hands-on control in all the right places. It has a sound of its own, with a nicely textured analogue filter and plenty of modulation and shaping options.

Find out more about Peak here.



Next up is the Pioneer Toraiz AS-1. Made in conjunction with the legendary Dave Smith Instuments, this has gorgeous DSI-powered sound and a performance-friendly design, the AS-1 is a cult classic in the making. It sounds thick and punchy without the need for any additional processing & has solid sequencing and arpeggiator capabilities. 

Find out more about AS-1 here.


The next essential synth is the Roland SE-02. Designed & built in conjunction with Studio Electronics this is a great-sounding, portable and versatile monosynth for the studio and stage. It may be small but it packs a huge punch for a modest outlay. Compact and portable with a high-quality, characterful sound it is well put together, with plenty of connectivity & has a very good onboard sequencer.

Find out more about SE-02 here.


One of the most wanted synths of the year is the Elektron Analog Four MKII. The second version of the Analog Four offers a range of hardware improvements, including an OLED screen, backlit buttons, hi-res encoders, quick performance controls, and an increased number of buttons for a speedier workflow. What's more, the analogue circuitry has been reworked to deliver more deep and defined bass.

Find out more about Analog Four MKII here.


Next we have the Korg Monologue. A compact synth with a surprising amount of power & flexibility. Fun and portable & can run on battery power. Great for squelchy deep bass or leads & with an inbuilt step sequencer this is great value for money. Available in five colours : red, blue, black, silver & gold.

Find out more about Monologue here.


Next we have the Akai MPC X. The flagship MPC X can work as standalone or with a DAW & comes with a 10.1-inch multitouch screen and 16 velocity- and pressure-sensitive RGB pads. There are also dedicated menu buttons, a large master encoder knob and 16 touch-sensitive 360 degree assignable pots (Q-Links) with adaptive OLED displays, turntable input to rip straight from vinyl & impeccable build quality.

Find out more about the MPC X here.


Our penultimate bit of essential kit is the Roland TR-08. These really need no introduction to anyone remotely interested in dance music. To put it simply, the 808 is the most iconic drum machine ever! Based off the TR-808 Roland have released a boutique version, the TR-08 promises to accurately emulate the look, sound and feel of the original, while adding new features such as a compressor on the kick and snare (as you get on the TR-09) and 16 sub-steps for each step of the sequencer, enabling you to create more intricate fills and rolls.

Find out more about the TR-08 here.


And finally we have the Elektron Digitakt. With deep sequencing and a powerful sound engine, Digitakt is the ‘affordable’ Elektron groovebox we’ve been dreaming of. Winner of multiple awards it is flexible and powerful with deep sequencing capabilities & has an ultra fast sampling workflow.

Find out more about Digitakt here.

Check out our full range of synths, samplers & modules here.

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