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Can Music Actually Ease Pain?

Friday, 25 September 2015  |  Admin

Can Music Actually Ease Pain?


Now this might sound like a load of ‘mumbo-jumbo’, but new studies have revealed the potential for music replacing paracetamol and other pain killers. Following surgery, rather than piling dozens of pain reducing tablets into our systems, why not kick back and chill to a succession of lovely beats?


Recent studies conducted by London Scientists report that; “Patients who received surgery and listened to music either before, during or after the surgery, were better off in terms of reduced pain, less anxiety and more patient satisfaction”. This isn’t just a small study though, the research is based on a trial conducted on 7,000 patients who were each allowed to listen to their favourite tunes throughout the surgery process.


One interesting thing about the survey though, is that the additional music lessened drug usage considerably among surgical patients when compared to a control group, even though pain medication wasn’t totally erased from the equation. The lead author of the study, Dr. Catherine Meads of Brunel University, reports that on the 10-point pain scale there was average drop of 2 points, which is around the same drop as you would get with a dose of medication. Music, of course, is totally non-invasive and will have no lasting side effects - apart from the urge to shuffle!


Following these findings, the research team are now planning to follow up with a preliminary study at The Royal London Hospital, where they will concentrate on women having c-sections and hysteroscopy. All patients have to do is compile their own playlist, or ask someone else to, and this will be connected to their pillow with built-in speakers.

Assuming that this study supports their original findings, the music method could eventually be used in medical facilities up and down the country.


How amazing is this?


Credit to Beatport for bringing this to our attention!

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