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Deadmau5 Reveals Foundation & Plans For New Studio

18 March 2015  |  Admin

Deadmau5 Reveals Foundation & Plans For New Studio

With thanks to we get an insight to one of the finest Electronic Dance Music artists of this decade. Deadmau5 is one of the very select few household names that can span multiple genres and generations in a simple eclectic mix. Having found fame as not only a fantastic DJ but an entertainer in a crazy mask which surely grabs your attention we will not believe you if you had said Deadmau5 who? have been speaking directly to the man who is Deadmau5 and looking into what makes him tick. You, me and every single person in the world, not just DJing, has their own place of rest, a place they call home, somewhere they can think and unwind regardless of what is happening around us. For me that place has always been my studio. I can't answer why but this place let me get away from the world and really get down to thinking about me and what I want not what the world expects of me. Only when I am completely away from the busy side of life can I get thinking about being creative. Most DJ's and producers would head to their own place of harmony, their studio, to get away from the world and get into their creative mood. I think I can speak for many a producer when I say there have been times when minutes have rolled into hours, hours into days and days into almost weeks without leaving this creative world where food and drink become second to the output of the creation.

Any of this making you reminisce?

Over the years we have seen hundreds of images of studios, from starter sets and people getting excited about their first set of studio speakers through to the unthinkable monster sounds of some of the biggest producers in the world. There is something about our industry which allows us to boast about our set up without being called a jerk whilst having unified respect for the equipment selection. With thanks to Instagram and a very excited DJ / Producer Deadmau5 has released some fantastic blueprints of a brand new studio he is planning and it is a far cry from what we have seen in the past. Named "Mau5trap studios v3." it will definitely be a take on one of the earlier studio attempts but with the usual Deadmau5 twist. Guaranteed to pack the latest studio production kit and of course combining this with the creative genius of one of the finest EDM DJ producers on the planet, this Mau5trap is sure to be the home of some banging tracks in 2015/16.

Read more here: Deadmau5 Reveals Foundation & Plans For New Studio

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