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DJ Equipment For Beginners: How to get stared in Electronic Dance Music

26 March 2015  |  Admin

DJ Equipment For Beginners: How to get stared in Electronic Dance Music

The craze and obsession of what is now the fastest growing music trend in the UK, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has sprung from a huge uplift in people wanting to join the world of DJing. This can only be attributed to the accessibility of music and of course the introduction of the digital DJ. Gone are the days of sitting scouring through record stores and welcome the days of surfing the web, downloading and dropping straight into your digital record box.

EDM as a genre has seen fantastic growth thanks to the likes of David Guetta who has now in his own right become a household name. This scene shows no sign of letting up as we hear it on radio stations, bars and clubs throughout the world and even in television commercials. It is then no surprise that there has been a rise in beginner DJ’s and people wanting to know how do they get started on the path of becoming the worlds next biggest EDM DJ…..cue decades of industry experience and of course our huge catalogue of amazing DJ equipment, The Disc DJ Store in Bradford!

It all begins with Music, Music, Music

Lets get one thing straight if you don’t have a passion for the music you play then you will never succeed. With most music genres now so accessible from online the choice of tracks is almost endless. Our biggest suggestion comes in the form of quality and professionally as we know you will be tempted to scour the web and file share your way to a record collection. Unfortunately this comes with a two fold issue, firstly you have the issue of quality. More than likely the audio quality of a track
purchased direct form a reputable website such as Beatport will be far superior to that of a file share track. Secondly you have the legality of the issue as you are required to purchase and in certain scenarios prove where you acquired your tracks.

Downloading your tracks makes it easy to transfer to your digital record box and makes transport so simple in comparison to the old fashioned days of vinyl. A single 32Gb USB flash drive can store about 8,000 tracks, try carrying those as records, cue back surgeon!

*Basic Setup*

To get started on your path to become a digital DJ you can start with a small investment to see if it’s for you, however the more serious you become and the more you’ll want to get creative then the higher end the equipment will need to be.

Start with a set of DJ headphones, a quality laptop with your weapon of choice software and a quality digital DJ controller and you will be up and running. We make it sound simple but it’s our job to advise and guide you to the most appropriate kit to suit your budget and expectations.

Headphones can be affordable and start from realistically £29 and go up to £299 but as with everything you get what you pay for and with the more expensive brands standing the test of time and having features robust enough for the biggest names in the world we always advise for you to invest in these fundamental pieces of kit.

Laptop only has two outcomes, PC or Mac, it is completely your preference and we can only advise from our own experience but try to think ahead as replacing this kit can be costly and take considerable time to adapt later down the line. Give us a call to see what suits you and we can also go through the various software options from the almost automatic virtual DJ to the preferred Serato or Traktor options or even the more advanced Ableton option as an example.

Digital DJ Controller

Now for the fun part as we look to get creative with the array of tracks you have found. Again you can start with nominal investments however we always try to get you into a piece of kit which will take you to the level you want. Controllers can start from as little as £99 however the reality is the more you invest the more creative you can get. One of the introductory brands we think gives great value for money is that of the Numark brand as they give flexibility with affordability. Moving up to the other end of the spectrum Pioneer and Native Instruments are the leaders in this highly competitive digital DJ controller market.

With a huge range of options for everything you need to get you started why not give one of the team at The Disc DJ Store in Bradford a call today on 01274 394 730 to arrange some time to go through the basics and get you on your way to becoming the worlds next big electronic dance music DJ.

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