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Pioneer Announces All-In-One, Computer-Free, XDJ DJ System

18 March 2015  |  Admin

Pioneer have landed and landed with a bang on the digital DJ world with a stunning all in one solution perfect for DJ's of all abilities, best of all Pioneer state it is a computer free set up, ideal for those DJ's disillusioned with the new Macbook launch (limited connectivity rant from the last post).

Pioneers legendary CDJ 1000's might have been the platform to kick start there dominance in the world of Djing but their CDJ 2000's simply took them to the next level when it came to DJing and entering the digital DJ world arena. The 2000's have become, if you can now say this, the industry standard wherever you go in the dance music scene and quite frankly for very good reason.

Fast forward only few years and we stand here today with the introduction to the brand new Pioneer XDJ-RX system which has managed to instantly replace the now bulky CDJ's and whatever travel ready controller you may be using in one sitting.

The XDJ system works from their fantastic Rekordbox software which allows flexibility through computer usage or alternatively independent use as a standalone system via USB. All of this is possible due to the sleek looking central console and high resolution display. Due to the formatting and layout of the controller the display sits directly above the 2 channel mixer allowing the system to cater for Serato fans with stack-able wave forms. This is something no other competing controller can compete with giving it the complete edge when it comes to Serato control use.

Not wanting to stop at simply creating brand new categories of controllers the guys at Pioneer have given complete control to the die hard controllerists through the option of midi control. You have the power of all DJ programmes under the complete control of Pioneers legendary hardware. Our guys are chomping at the bit to get their hands on this brand new bit of kit and give it the full demonstration and test run it deserves. The though process form the Pioneer guys has been fantastic as this mixer still lends to a two channel output allowing the old fashioned Technics Mk2's to still come into play whilst still keeping what can now be classed as a traditional CDJ style set up.

With this amazing piece of kit now available on general sale and the potential much more than we can even begin to contemplate without a full road test we are sure you will love this as much as we do. Check back for the full road test next month when we dig out the good, bad and ugly features of the Pioneer XDJ-RX all in one digital DJ controller.

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