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Techno for Humanity Charity Event in Antwerp, Belgium

16 September 2015  |  Admin


Techno for Humanity Charity Event in Antwerp, Belgium


With the ongoing crisis involving Syrian refugees at the forefront of world news recently, people from many countries of the world have been looking for ways to come together and raise money for those fleeing from these war-torn areas. In our eyes, every person should be looking for ways to help these people, and it serves as a true testament to humanity to see some big name DJ’s coming together to raise money by playing in a one-night charity event, ‘Techno for Humanity’.  


The original concept initially came about by Ida Engberg who posted a status on Facebook suggesting ways on how the dance music community can come together to aid Syrian refugees. This sparked a lot of interest from followers of Ida and one Belgian promoter in particular, IKON, decided to do something about it. By teaming up together, they managed to recruit a number of huge DJs including the like of Adam Beyer, Guti, Heidi, Davide Squillace, Yousef, Marc Houle and many more.


The event itself is scheduled for September 17 at IKON in Antwerp, where tickets can purchased by heading over to:


Obviously, Belgium is a long way to go for anyone reading this locally in Bradford or the UK, but donations are still welcomed and IKON have given people the opportunity to view the live-stream by heading over to:


All money made from the charity event will be distributed equally between four separate charities looking for support for the fleeing refugees, where you can find information about each of these below:

Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) International -

Migrant Offshore Aid Station -

International Rescue Committee -

UN Refugee Agency -



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