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Which DJ Software Is Best?

11 October 2021  |  Admin

Which DJ Software Is Best?

What is the best DJ Software?


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A question we are often asked here at The Disc DJ Store is what are the differences between the various DJ Softwares available and which is the best? This is not an easy question to answer as there are many factors you need to consider before starting your journey into DJ'ing.

The first question you need to ask yourself is what device are you intending to use to DJ? A laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone? Or do you want to go down the standalone route? Then there is the minefield of how you intend to actually get your music files, do you purchase on a track-by-track basis or is streaming the option you prefer?

We have put together this comprehensive ultimate guide to DJ Software and with our help we can get you on your way. We'll start by looking what we consider to be the main 3 brands, Serato, Traktor and rekordbox. Here's a quick overview of what these can do....

Serato DJ Lite



Serato comes in 2 main versions 1) Serato DJ Lite & 2) Serato DJ Pro (there are other versions but let's keep things simple for now). Serato DJ Lite is a free to download DJ Software program and comes bundled with a huge range of budget controllers to get people started. It's worth noting early on that any controller that comes with Serato DJ Lite will work with the paid upgrade to Serato DJ Pro too so as your skills advance you can upgrade the software.

Serato DJ Lite is as you would expect a stripped down version of the Pro software. It operates like all DJ Software programs do, you have a menu section where you can access all of your tracks and create custom playlists. You can then load tracks into each deck and start mixing, simple.

Serato DJ Pro

So, what is missing from the Pro version in Lite? Well the most notable difference is the lack of a recording function so you cannot record your mixes in Serato DJ Lite. There are also less effects to choose from although you do still get a decent amount of usable effects such as filter, flanger, reverb, echo and phaser.

As your skills progress you can upgrade your software to the Pro version, this will give you access to more functions and also let you explore the various Serato is only available for laptop or desktop. You must check your computer meets the minimum system requirements, which you can do here.

Traktor DJ



Available as a an iPad friendly version called Traktor DJ or the standard laptop/desktop version called Traktor Pro. The iPad version (Traktor DJ) also works on laptop/desktop and is free to download for anyone. All corresponding Traktor controllers come with the Pro software as standard. Unlike the free version of Serato you can record your sets in the free version of Traktor, the Pro version differs as you get a ton of effects and access to DVS is included (you must have a DVS capable controller of course).

Traktor Pro

Traktor Pro has a very comprehensive options menu allowing users to dig deep into the settings which is why many users prefer it over something like Serato which has almost no user options. There are currently no 'Expansion' style add ons for Traktor Pro such as Serato Video so that is something to consider in your setup too.

You must check your computer meets the minimum system requirements, which you can do here.

rekordbox dj software



This is Pioneer DJ's own software and comes included with all Pioneer rekordbox compatible DJ Controllers (some Pioneer controllers only work with Serato so double check with us first if you are not sure). Like the other 2 it works in pretty much the same way, you can of course record and choose from a good range of effects and add-on packs are available but require a subscription payment unless you purchase hardware that includes these additional features as standard.

rekordbox mobile

rekordbox also allows you to manage your playlists and prep sets from your smartphone. A subscription may be required though depending on your hardware.

You must check your computer meets the minimum system requirements, which you can do here.

dj streaming



This is the big one! If you are wanting to stream music by having a paid subscription then you need to make sure you pick the right controller/software combo for this.

Both Serato Lite & Pro currently allows streaming from Beatport Link, Soundcloud Go+, Tidal, and Beatsource. // Traktor DJ only works currently with Soundcloud Go+ streaming service. // Traktor Pro only works currently with Beatport Link streaming service. // rekordbox streaming is available with Beatport Link, Soundcloud Go+, Tidal and Beatsource.

There are pro's and con's with using streaming services to DJ so make sure you do your research first!

dj streaming

So which is best?


There is no definite answer to this as it all comes down to personal choice. There is a lot of discussion online about performance of one being better than another but you must take into account your computer too with this as that is of course the main hub powering the software, so is one more stable on PC over another? Maybe, yes but if you have a new Mac then they should all perform perfectly every time. The choice is almost made for you with software these days as it comes included with the controller to a certain extent.

Ask 3 professional DJ's which they prefer and you could probably get 3 different answers!

If you really are undecided then call into the shop and we can demo each of them with you, if you cannot get down to the store then Youtube has endless videos of each one and you can check out each of the brands website for demo's too.

Our Top Picks

Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX, 2 Channel/4 Deck Serato DJ Controller
  • 4-deck layering DJ controller
  • (6) Fun, quick-launch effects with dual paddle triggers
  • Large 6-inch, high-resolution capacitive-touch jog wheels with colour displays
  • Stream millions of tracks within Serato DJ Lite from leading providers including SoundCloud
  • Dedicated instant loop control with multiplier buttons

4-Deck Serato DJ Controller with Jog Wheel Displays & FX Paddles 

Only 2 in stock, immediate despatch  Only 2 in stock, immediate despatch
Roland DJ-202, 2 Channel Serato DJ Controller
  • 24-bit/48 kHz audio fidelity with high-resolution digital-to-analog converters
  • Compact, rugged, and lightweight design with easy-grab handles for optimal portability
  • Connect straight to your speakers or amplifier via RCA stereo outputs
  • USB powered for simple connectivity
  • Serato DJ Lite included; Serato DJ Pro upgrade ready

The most feature packed DJ controller in its class

In stock, immediate despatch  In stock, immediate despatch
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 DJ Controller + Traktor Pro 3 Full Version
  • Large smooth precision jog wheels
  • Mixer FX, instant one-knob FX/filter control per channel
  • 16 RGB pads for triggering Hotcues, Loops or Samples
  • 24-bit / 44.1 kHz audio interface
  • Includes the brand new Traktor Pro 3 software

Includes Traktor Pro 3 Full Version & Traktor DJ 2 for Desktop & iPad

In stock, immediate despatch  In stock, immediate despatch
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S3 DJ Controller + Traktor Pro 3 Full Version
  • Includes Traktor Pro 3 Full Version 
  • 4-Channel club-standard layout with identical deck design, 4-channel mixer, long pitch faders, and dual deck control
  • Large (14 cm / 5.5”) precision jog wheels with Illuminated jog wheel ring for visual feedback including deck selection
  • 16 RBG pads for triggering Hotcues, loops, and samples
  • 3-band EQs with modelling of industry-standard mixer EQs

Includes Traktor Pro 3 Full Version & Traktor DJ 2 for Desktop & iPad

In stock, immediate despatch  In stock, immediate despatch
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3 DJ Controller + Traktor Pro 3 Full Version
  • Large motorized jog wheels
  • 3 Mode ‘Haptic Drive’ feedback
  • High-Res colour displays
  • Mixer FX, choose from 8 FX & 3 Filter types
  • Includes the brand new Traktor Pro 3 software

New Haptic Drive™ motorized jog wheels transmit cue points, loop markers, and more directly to DJs’ fingertips.

In stock, immediate despatch  In stock, immediate despatch
Pioneer DJ DDJ-800, 2 Channel Rekordbox DJ Controller
  • Includes rekordbox DJ software licence (dvs upgrade ready)
  • 149mm Jog-Wheels with On-Jog display
  • Phono/Line inputs and also Aux input for external device 
  • 2 mic inputs with feedback reducer
  • 4 Sound Colour FX & 15 Beat FX

Unlocks Rekordbox DJ Software

Estimated restock 01/07/2024  Estimated restock 01/07/2024

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