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Why Buy The Yamaha Stagepas 1K MKII?

17 August 2023  |  Admin

Why Buy The Yamaha Stagepas 1K MKII?

Yamaha Stagepas 1K MKII - Professional Quality, Best-in-Class Column PA System

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Looking for the highest quality PA system at the best price? The Stagepas 1K MKII is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerhouse speaker

The Stagepas 1K MKII represents a comprehensive sound system that intricately delivers professional-caliber audio across various applications. Through a simplified setup process, users can concentrate wholeheartedly on their central objective - the refinement of their performances.

Unveiling a commanding presence, the 1100W Class-D amplifier module within the system showcases its prowess, yielding a 125 dB SPL output from a compact speaker cabinet which allows full use of acoustics potential.

Yamaha Stagepas 1K MKII

Presenting an entirely fresh interface, the STAGEPAS Controller introduces itself as a specialized remote control application designed exclusively for the Stagepas 1K MKII. This application allows users to control pivotal parameters such as volume, 1-knob EQ or 4-band PEQ, and the “Priority Ducker” functionality. This seamless control is facilitated via Bluetooth connectivity, catering to both rehearsals and live performances.

The Stagepas 1K MKII comes with a comprehensive suite of sound-shaping functionalities. Among these is the innovative 1-knob EQ, for optimized multi band EQ setting. Further augmenting this soundscape is the inclusion of the industry-standard SPX reverb, which envelops audio in an immersive ambiance. Another great feature is the “Mode” control for master output compression settings that match various applications such as “Speech” or “Music.” This synthesis of features underscores the Stagepas 1K MKII as a powerhouse of simple, professional-grade soundscaping.

Yamaha Stagepas 1K MKII Close Up  

For added convenience in regards to transportation and safety of the speaker, the Stagepas 1K MKII comes with padded covers.

  Yamaha Stagepas 1K MKII Bags
Yamaha Stagepas 1K MK2, Bluetooth Column PA System + Padded Cover (550w RMS)
  • 1100W Class D power
  • Dedicated STAGEPAS controller app for iOS or Android
  • Bluetooth playback
  • Mode control for output compression settings
  • Includes a fitted protective cover

Column system with 3-channel mixer & Bluetooth. Includes padded slip-on cover.

Estimated restock 01/07/2024  Estimated restock 01/07/2024

Stagepas 1K MKII + DXL1K Combination

As the Stagepas 1K MKII comes with a built-in mixer and interface, it allows more versatility with speaker combinations. Two Stagepas 1K MKII Speakers' are a great combination, however a more budget friendly solution is a Yamaha Stagepas 1K MKII paired with the Yamaha DXL1K, Column PA System. Both speakers are easily portable and include protective transport covers. Here's a bit more on why this is a great combination.

The Yamaha DXL1K is an innovative column-style powered speaker system capable of filling a wide area with high-quality and uniform sound. Its lightweight construction and simple assembly means it can be easily carried and can be set up in about one minute.

DXL1K features a high-output 1100 W amplifier powering a high-frequency array speaker system with 10 x 1.5" drivers and a large 12” subwoofer, producing sound pressure levels of up to 125 dB SPL. It delivers clear, high-quality sound consistently with an impressive 170° horizontal and 30° vertical coverage.

Simply place the 2 spacers and speaker unit into the subwoofer and setup is essentially done, with no cables, speaker stand, or additional gear required beyond the main unit. All you need is in the package.

Linking a DXL1K and STAGEPAS 1K mkII provides greater coverage and increased output power for large-scale performances. Both stereo and mono playback are supported, and when the STAGEPAS 1K mkII is set to mono, the inputs of the DXL1K and STAGEPAS 1K mkII can still be used.

Yamaha Stagepas 1K MK2 & DXL1K PA System + Padded Covers (550w RMS each)
  • 1100W Class D power
  • Dedicated STAGEPAS controller app for iOS or Android
  • Bluetooth playback
  • Mode control for output compression settings
  • Includes a fitted protective cover

Column system with 1x SP1K MK2 & 1x DXL1K

Estimated restock 01/07/2024  Estimated restock 01/07/2024

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